October 18, 2011

Ranking them all: Rivals.com 120 at 1:20

Here are the third Rivals.com 1-120 rankings of the season.

There are numerous variables at play, chief among them who a team has beaten and where. But while we have a "what have you done for me lately?" mind-set, we consider the rankings a snapshot of the whole season, not just one week; that's why -- at times -- teams are ranked below a team they may have beaten.

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We update these every Tuesday at 1:20 p.m. Eastern time, so if your team isn't where you think it should be, check back in a week.

On to the rankings:

Mike Huguenin's Rivals 120
1. LSU (7-0)
BUZZ: The next two games are against teams from Alabama. The one on Nov. 5 is the one that has everyone's attention. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Auburn
2. Alabama (7-0)
BUZZ: Talk to enough old-timers and they'll tell you that the Tide-Vols was a nasty one. It's not as big anymore, though, and this season's Tennessee team should not remotely test the Tide. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Tennessee
3. Oklahoma (6-0)
BUZZ: This is the start of a tough closing stretch for the Sooners, who play five good -- or better -- teams in their final six games. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Texas Tech
4. Wisconsin (6-0)
BUZZ: Saturday's game will be the first true road game of the season for the Badgers, and it comes against a team that has played outstanding defense thus far. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Michigan State
5. Clemson (7-0)
BUZZ: The "old" Clemson would've folded when falling behind by 18 points, as the Tigers did Saturday at Maryland. But this season's Tigers roared back and won by 11. As impressive as that was, they probably don't want to tempt fate like that again. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. North Carolina
6. Boise State (6-0)
BUZZ: Boise's first Mountain West game was a 50-point win. Given Air Force's defensive problems, the Broncos seem sure to put up a big point total again. The question, then: How will the defense fare against Air Force's triple option? NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Air Force
7. Oklahoma State (6-0)
BUZZ: As with rival Oklahoma, Oklahoma State starts a tough closing stretch this week. Five of the Cowboys' final six games are against good -- or better -- teams. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Missouri
8. Stanford (6-0)
BUZZ: This week's game is the first real test for the Cardinal this season. The toughest opponent so far? Either UCLA or Washington State. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Washington
9. Oregon (5-1)
BUZZ: Last week, the Ducks proved they could win without TB LaMichael James. This week, given the caliber of the opponent, they will play without a defense -- and still win. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Colorado
10. Arkansas (5-1)
BUZZ: The Hogs had last week off and get Ole Miss and Vanderbilt in their next two games. That means they won't have to break a sweat again until Marcus Lattimore-less South Carolina visits Nov. 5. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Ole Miss
11. Kansas State (6-0)
BUZZ: The Wildcats keep defying expectations and remain unbeaten. They better not defy expectations this week, as everyone expects an easy victory. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Kansas
12. Virginia Tech (6-1)
BUZZ: The Hokies just finished a tough stretch that included games against Clemson, Miami and Wake Forest. Their reward are two "gimmes" in a row, against BC and Duke. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Boston College
13. South Carolina (6-1)
BUZZ: OK, losing Stephen Garcia is no big deal. But losing Marcus Lattimore is a potentially staggering blow. Coaches need to do all they can to make Alshon Jeffery the focal point of the offense, and they have a week off to figure out how to do it. NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 at Tennessee
14. Nebraska (5-1)
BUZZ: The Huskers can fine-tune a few things against a vastly overmatched opponent as they get ready for a visit from Michigan State on Oct. 29. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Minnesota
15. West Virginia (5-1)
BUZZ: WVU finishes out the regular season with four road games. Then again, those games are against Big East opponents, so is the schedule really that difficult? NEXT GAME: Friday at Syracuse
16. Washington (5-1)
BUZZ: QB Keith Price and the rest of the Huskies get a chance Saturday to show that they are a legit Pac-12 title contender. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Stanford
17. USC (5-1)
BUZZ: USC can't go bowling this season, but they can put a damper on Notre Dame's postseason hopes with a win in South Bend. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Notre Dame
18. Michigan State (5-1)
BUZZ: The Spartans bottled up Denard Robinson last week. This week, the job is tougher because Wisconsin has a more diversified offense. Are they again up to the task? NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Wisconsin
19. Illinois (6-1)
BUZZ: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Now the Illini need to make sure last week's loss to Ohio State doesn't have a hangover effect. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Purdue
20. Michigan (6-1)
BUZZ: Michigan fell from the ranks of the unbeaten last week. What stings even more is that the Wolverines now have lost four in a row to Michigan State for the first time since 1959-62. NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Purdue
21. Georgia Tech (6-1)
BUZZ: Tech's unbeaten season ended with a loss to Virginia (Virginia!?!?). Now comes the tough part of the schedule -- Miami, Clemson and Virginia Tech in the next three games. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Miami
22. Auburn (5-2)
BUZZ: Auburn's defense gets shredded by SEC West foes but stifles SEC East opponents. Too bad Saturday's opponent might be the best team in the West. NEXT GAME: Saturday at LSU
23. Arizona State (5-2)
BUZZ: The Sun Devils are coming off a loss at Oregon. The good news: The rest of the schedule isn't daunting at all. NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Colorado
24. Notre Dame (4-2)
BUZZ: This is the first night home game for the Irish since 1990 and the first time they've ever played host to the Trojans at night. NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. USC
25. Texas A&M (4-2)
BUZZ: So what else is new: The secondary was torched again last week. The good news: At least the Aggies played well in the second half and won the game. NEXT GAME: Saturday at Iowa State

26. Texas (5-2)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Kansas

27. Houston (6-0)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Marshall

28. Penn State (6-1)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Northwestern

29. SMU (5-1)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Southern Miss

30. Georgia (5-2)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Florida in Jacksonville

31. Baylor (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 at Oklahoma State

32. TCU (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. New Mexico

33. Miami (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Georgia Tech

34. North Carolina (5-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Clemson

35. Ohio State (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Wisconsin

36. Florida State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Maryland

37. Missouri (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Oklahoma State

38. Texas Tech (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Oklahoma

39. Iowa (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Indiana

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40. Wake Forest (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Duke

41. Florida (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Georgia in Jacksonville

42. Rutgers (5-1)
NEXT GAME: Friday at Louisville

43. Utah (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at California

44. San Diego State (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Wyoming

45. California (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Utah

46. Toledo (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Miami (Ohio)

47. Temple (5-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Bowling Green

48. Southern Miss (5-1)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. SMU

49. Mississippi State (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 at Kentucky

50. Cincinnati (5-1)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at USF

51. Tennessee (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Alabama

52. Tulsa (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Rice

53. Pittsburgh (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 26 vs. Connecticut

54. USF (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Cincinnati

55. BYU (5-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Idaho State

56. UCLA (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Thursday at Arizona

57. Syracuse (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Friday vs. West Virginia

58. Iowa State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Texas A&M

59. Air Force (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Boise State

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60. Louisiana-Lafayette (6-1)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Western Kentucky

61. Maryland (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Florida State

62. Northwestern (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Penn State

63. Virginia (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. NC State

64. Navy (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. East Carolina

65. Florida International (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Tonight at Arkansas State

66. UCF (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Thursday at UAB

67. Marshall (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Houston

68. Northern Illinois (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Buffalo

69. Western Michigan (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Eastern Michigan

70. Hawaii (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. New Mexico State

71. Fresno State (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Nevada

72. Washington State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Oregon State

73. Vanderbilt (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Army

74. Ole Miss (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Arkansas

75. Duke (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Wake Forest

76. East Carolina (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Navy

77. Arizona (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Thursday vs. UCLA

78. N.C. State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Virginia

79. Nevada (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Fresno State

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80. Ball State (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Central Michigan

81. Connecticut (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 26 at Pittsburgh

82. Ohio U. (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Akron

83. Louisville (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Friday vs. Rutgers

84. San Jose State (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 at Louisiana Tech

85. Oregon State (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Washington State

86. Kansas (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Kansas State

87. Utah State (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Louisiana Tech

88. Kentucky (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Jacksonville State

89. Louisiana Tech (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Utah State

90. Arkansas State (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Tonight vs. Florida International

91. Colorado (1-6)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Oregon

92. UTEP (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Colorado State

93. Troy (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 25 at FIU

94. Wyoming (4-2)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 at San Diego State

95. Bowling Green (3-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Temple

96. Army (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Vanderbilt

97. Purdue (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Illinois

98. Louisiana-Monroe (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at North Texas

99. Boston College (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Virginia Tech

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100. Rice (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Tulsa

101. Colorado State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at UTEP

102. Eastern Michigan (4-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Western Michigan

103. Central Michigan (2-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Ball State

104. New Mexico State (3-3)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Hawaii

105. Miami of Ohio (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Toledo

106. North Texas (2-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Louisiana-Monroe

107. Western Kentucky (2-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

108. Minnesota (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Nebraska

109. Buffalo (2-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Northern Illinois

110. Tulane (2-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Memphis

111. Indiana (1-6)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Iowa

112. UAB (0-6)
NEXT GAME: Thursday vs. UCF

113. Middle Tennessee (1-4)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Florida Atlantic

114. UNLV (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Colorado State

115. Kent State (1-6)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Bowling Green

116. Idaho (1-6)
NEXT GAME: Oct. 29 vs. Hawaii

117. Memphis (1-6)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at Tulane

118. Florida Atlantic (0-6)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Middle Tennessee

119. Akron (1-5)
NEXT GAME: Saturday vs. Ohio

120. New Mexico (0-6)
NEXT GAME: Saturday at TCU

Mike Huguenin is the college sports editor for Rivals.com. He can be reached at mhuguenin@rivals.com.

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