October 2, 2009

Q&A with VT's newest pledge Nick Dew

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The Hokies picked up a commitment this past weekend from Virginia Beach (Va.) First Colonial safety Nick Dew. Following up on the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder's pledge, Hokiehaven.com sat down for a Q&A with Virginia Tech's latest addition.

Dew touched on a number of items including his mom's thoughts of the visit, joining Bud Foster's defense and much more.

Hokiehaven.com: What did you think about the Virginia Tech-Miami game?

Nick Dew: The game was great. I wish I could have placed some money on it. The fans were great once again, it was a sold out game and soaking wet and they were loving their Hokies, that's what it's all about.

HH: On how it feels to have a decision behind him?

ND: It's like a 300-pound weight off my back. It was tough to beat the Hokies out, but I still wanted to look at more schools. I just knew when the timing would be right that's when I'd pull the trigger and get it done.

HH: Are you glad you waited a week?

ND: I'm really glad I waited for my mom to be there. It was more of a family situation.

HH: On your mom's experience and take of Virginia Tech?

ND: It was her first game and she loved it and how the coaches and players were, and the fans. She gave it two thumbs up. She was happy I got it done.

HH: On Frank Beamer's reaction when you committed?

ND:At first he picked my mom up and gave her a hug and Coach Newsome was there. He talked about the big family environment and after that it was game time.

HH: What about Bud Foster's reaction to your choice? Also, what sticks out about him to you?

ND: Oh man, he was thrilled. He's a pretty laid back guy, but as soon as I told him I was becoming a Hokie things changed up a bit.

He's a genius and knows how to bring people off the edge while playing coverage. He only recruits the best in my eyes. It's pretty great to know that you have a genius that knows what he's doing and you can trust him on everything.

HH: Rounding out the coaches, what stuck out about your recruiter, Curt Newsome?

ND: It was just the face that he did a real good job recruiting me and my school in the past. He came through a lot and sold the school well.

HH: Have the Virginia Tech coaches discussed a specific position for you at this time?

ND: The rover spot as well as coming off the edge. Eventually I may move back to strong safety.

HH: Tell me about your relationship with other Virginia Tech recruits and how that played into your pick?

ND: It was a huge factor. I first met them at the North Carolina five-star camp. I didn't do so well because I was banged up from track. Zack McCray told me to keep my head up and I could see myself as a teammate of his. He helped walk me through the recruiting process and helped me out a lot. I know Caleb Farris too and some others as well.

HH: How did they react to your selection?

ND: It seemed like they knew it all along. They were excited and glad to know I was going to be a Hokie.

HH: Virginia Tech is a school you've been following for years, what does it mean to you to be able to commit to them?

ND: It's great. I wanted to follow Aaron Rouse that was one of my lifetime goals. To see that I can set such high goals and reach them, now the next step is to go to college and set more goals.

First off, the whole education was one of the reasons I picked Virginia Tech, it's the right environment for me. I liked the overall feeling of campus and the people.

HH: On following First Colonial prospects Tony Gregory and Aaron Rouse to Blacksburg and continuing that pipeline?

ND: I don't really know how to describe it. I met Aaron in seventh grade. I had one of his old teachers and he came to school and he was like 6-foot-5, and I was wondering where he goes to school. He influenced me a lot to Virginia Tech. I went home after that and would play him on video games and notice he was an impact player. I wanted to follow him somewhat. From there, I went to First Colonial and when I got there I saw in the yearbook that he went there too. His teachers and coaches compared me to him and I'm trying to excel at what he did. I guess I've got to follow him into the NFL.

HH: On when you started playing football in the first place?

ND: My first ever year playing was about nine or 10, Marcus Davis was on my team at the time. He tore it up and then I tore it up. I played wide receiver and tight end back then. I remember being the fastest guy on the field and wouldn't be denied in the endzone.

From there, my sixth grade year I didn't make it on the middle school team because they already had the team set up. I was motivated that I'd never be cut from the team again.

HH: Dew originally got into football through his older brother who taught him the game.

ND: He didn't play in high school, but he is four years older than me. He taught me a lot about using my hands, extending them, using my first two to three steps to explode and how to be a big physical target.

HH: Today, Dew is one of the top prospects in the mid-Atlantic. He broke down what sticks out about him as a prospect?

ND: A lot of scouts and everybody coming in thought it was my explosiveness, coming off the ball. It's also the fact I'm not going to be denied the endzone when I had the ball. I think I block really well for a wide receiver and I have improved every year. I've gotten stronger, faster and more explosive.

HH: Dew still has time between now and when he enrolls in July. What does he want to work on?

ND: I want to get my size up. I've seen a lot of college players up close and personal and I know I'm not the biggest guy out there. I want to get up to 205 or 210-pounds by the time I enroll as a freshman. I'd like to add a few more techniques at defensive back and probably improve on my footwork, quickness and speed.

HH: Finally, Virginia Tech has made it a necessity to recruit the state of Virginia. What does it mean to be a Virginia player and play for the Hokies?

ND: It's great. I spoke to plenty of coaches and staying in state, people take care of you because you're from the area. If I went somewhere else, there is no support.

Brian Mohr has covered recruiting in the mid-Atlantic since 2004 and has covered Virginia Tech since 2006 for Hokiehaven.com. To contact Brian, please email [email protected] for questions, comments or tips, which are always welcome

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