September 22, 2009

Clay Moved by Fan Following, Talk with Stoops

As most Sooner fans know there is no player in Oklahoma's 2010 class of commitments who is more active in the blogosphere than San Diego Scripps Ranch four-star running back Brennan Clay. As such many have already heard some of the amazing stories from the 6-foot, 190-pound running back's official visit to Norman this weekend.

Upon returning back to San Diego there was no way he was letting off some of his strong, and glowing, comments.

He also gave the specifics of the moment Carey Murdock blogged about prior to kickoff with Tulsa in which a group of Sooner fans made sure he realized they knew who he was and that he was wanted in Norman.

"I mean honestly I have no words to explain how much fun I had, the experience, getting to know the coaches, the players, the fans. I met so many people that knew who I was and they are fans at such an early stage, it makes you feel like family," Clay says.

"The whole thing with the fans, It was crazy. I go out on the field, with coach Cale Gundy and coach (David) White and my aunt and uncle and we are just walking and talking.

"I was just kind of there getting a good feel for it, all the sudden I hear, 'Hey, Brennan!' I look over and all kinds of fans were there, and they were all holding up signs so I see a few of them that say 'hey Brennan Clay come to OU!' and the 'Clay-maker' and some of this was a picture of Uncle Sam saying 'We want you Brennan Clay'."

"They were chanting 'B-Clay, all-day' it was crazy.

"I absolutely loved it, I soaked up all the sunshine."

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