March 5, 2009

Davis' untold story

During the season offensive lineman Chris Davis didn't talk a lot about the balky hip that hampered his entire 2008 campaign.

Although he could easily have done so, the former Jefferson High standout preferred not to make any excuses. That's never been his style.

Turns out the injury bothered him more than he let own.

Wednesday, Davis said the hip has been so much of a problem that it actually kept him from properly conditioning his legs for the past year and a half.

"It wasn't very comfortable. It definitely hurt and slowed me down," Davis said. "Basically I haven't done any leg strengthening for a year and half now. I never did squats, I never did power-cleans, I was just getting weaker every day. That was obviously an issue but hopefully all that will soon be behind me and I'll be ready for next year."

Amazingly, Davis still managed to start all 13 games for Georgia last year at three different positions - right guard, left guard and center.

It still remains to be seen what position Davis plays when he becomes healthy, although it's expected that he will remain to compete for the time being at left and right guard.

But first, Davis just wants to get healthy. He said it will be about time.

Davis underwent surgery on Jan. 15.

"I just had some bone removed, basically just cleaned some things up and also to repair a little bit of my labrum," said Davis. "I'm just rehabbing now, trying to get stronger."

Davis' hip injury did not come out of the blue.

On the contrary: According to the 6-foot-4, 295-pounder, he first began having problems with his hip a number of years ago.

"It started in middle school so it's an old injury that progressively got worse," Davis said. "It was inevitable that I was going to have to get it fixed. I probably should have had it done a while back but we wanted to delay the process but it kept getting worse. I'm just glad now I'll be able to get stronger and better next year."

Although he appears to be walking just fine, Davis still has a ways to go before he is able to get back on the field, although head coach Mark Richt said Wednesday that he believes the redshirt junior will be ready to go come time for preseason.

So far, though, team trainers are taking their time.

"I'm not real sure (when he will be back), but I'm just continuing to rehab every day," said Davis. "Right now it's just some little leg workouts, some light weight reps, stuff like that."

Davis promises that he will be back.

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