January 8, 2009

Is Boyd down to two?

The Ohio State football team is putting the full court press on Hampton (Va.) quarterback Tajh Boyd. Buckeye head coach made the cross country visit from Arizona to Ohio to Virginia to have an in-home visit with the four start signal caller on Wednesday night, just on the heels of the Fiesta Bowl.

Boyd has already made a visit to Columbus (Ohio) and has had the opportunity to speak with Tressel before along with his parents who made the December official visit but the chance for the coach to head to his home meant a lot.

"It was a really good visit," Boyd said. "You really don't meet a better person than coach Tressel. He is a really great guy and every time we get a chance to talk to him we are always just so impressed by him. My parents felt the same way and it is going to be a tough decision."

Tressel was not the only person coming off of a long trip with Boyd spending an extended period of time in San Antonio (Texas) for the U.S. Army All-America game. The trip is much more than just a game with many of the nation's top players spending time together and getting to learn from each other.

Regardless of how good any high school team is there is always a shock when it comes to how the bar is raised when the best of the best get together in just one place.

"It was just great to be on the field with so much talent," Boyd said. "When you are in high school you are playing with your teammates and that is great and all but just to be on the field with that level of people, that game is really prestigious and it is just an honor to play in it."

The Buckeyes were well represented at the game and many of the future Buckeyes made a point of spending time their potential future teammate.

"I talked with John Simon, Jamie Wood, Corey Brown, Dorian Bell (and others) and they talked to me the whole time," Boyd said. "Dominic Clarke just texted me (a few minutes ago) and all of them are really good guys."

The Buckeyes are not the only program that Boyd is extremely interested in with the Oregon Ducks sticking around in the process and giving the Rivals100 quarterback a lot to think about.

Rewind a year ago and the Ducks were in the mix for the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes and even though Pryor never made his trip out west there were a few tense moments. Boyd has made a trip out to the Pacific Northwest and was blown away by what he saw and the people he met.

"Oregon is just really cool and it is kind of different," Boyd said. "Their stadium is just ridiculous, I haven't been out there for a game but I have heard it is crazy."

There are obviously several differences between the two programs and while both programs have shared much success on the field. Boyd has enjoyed the bonds that he has developed with Tressel, Joe Daniels and Nick Siciliano from Ohio State as well as Chip Kelly and Mike Belloti from Oregon.

Boyd has also tried to approach his recruitment with a knowledge that football won't be there forever.

"I kind of want to major in sports marketing and with some of the connections right there in Eugene because I think they have both Nike and adidas there," Boyd said. "That's cool too and you have to look at life after college."

The depth charts at the two schools are very different with the Buckeyes only having two scholarship quarterbacks going into 2009 while Oregon has a much more crowded depth chart but that doesn't turn off the future quarterback.

"I feel that I would have a shot to play early there (Oregon)," Boyd said. "They have some quarterbacks there now but I can definitely go compete with the best of them so it isn't like a really big turn off."

I don't think that some of (the other schools) realized what kind of player I was before

- Tajh Boyd on schools that got in on him late...

But the chance to play behind and learn from Pryor wouldn't be a bad option as well.

"Terrelle Pryor is definitely a great quarterback and I honestly think he is going to win the Heisman one of these years," Boyd said. "He has developed more as a passer but he is physically just so gifted and he's smart so all the passing stuff is going to come to him."

Boyd was scheduled to make a decision at the Army game but ultimately did not.

"The decision was too hard and I wanted to make the right decision," Boyd said. "NBC wanted to make a decision but I don't think I was ready at that time. I am going probably going to be ready in the next week or week and a half or so."

So with a decision timetable set for anywhere in the next ten days does that leave any time to make anymore visits?

"All those other schools are really good and I was planning on taking a visit to Clemson this weekend but I kind of have some stuff that I need to do as far as catching up at school for being out in San Antonio," Boyd said. "I wish they were all recruiting me earlier because it would be easier for me to look at them. Time is so short that it is kind of hard to look at these other programs the way I would want to."

While Boyd is honored to be getting so much late attention he realizes who was in on him early and will make his decision between Ohio State and Oregon.

"(Some of these other schools) need a quarterback but I don't think that some of them realized what kind of player I was before because some of those schools were not interested before," Boyd said. "But I can't really fault them for that."

Every recruit has at least one reason or another that ultimately puts one school ahead of another one but Boyd maintains that it isn't just going to be one reason that sets a school apart.

"Are you going to enjoy the environment as a whole, the school, just the college experience?" Boyd said. "Because if something doesn't work out you don't want to go somewhere that you hate the school that you are and want to transfer so I feel that both schools offer so much and they are cool places in general."

Boyd comes from a very tight family unit and regardless of where he goes his family will be in full support and do whatever it takes to be at as many of his games as possible.

"It is a tight family and we try to keep it together," Boyd said. "I think wherever I go to school they are going to look at a place out there as much as they can."

So keep tuned because this recruitment could be coming to an end sooner rather than later and BuckeyeGrove.com will be on top of all the latest developments.

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