October 14, 2008

Media day notebook: Talking Texas

Chase Daniel has often talked about his friendships with other quarterbacks around the country. No opposing player is held in higher esteem by Daniel than Texas signal caller Colt McCoy, who will be leading the opposing offense this week.

The two quarterbacks talk every week, and both say that will not change this week. However, the content of the conversation might be just a little bit different.

"I'm sure we'll talk, I bet we don't talk anything about the game," McCoy said. "I'm sure we'll just talk about how each other is doing and talk about things other than football."

"Probably nothing about football at all," Daniel echoed. "We just talk about, really about random things. How's the week going? How you been playing? What's new in your life? Who are you dating? What's this girl doing? Things like that. I think it just helps us get our minds off things and focus on the task at hand and cut up a little bit."

While it won't be a direct competition between the two, chances are good that the quarterback who has the better performance could come out on top. Both are considered among the few legitimate contenders for the Heisman Trophy and both are their team's most valuable player.

Whatever the result, the two know they will resume their friendship after the game.

"It is a competition, it is going to be fun and we both are going to enjoy it," McCoy said. "This is a time we can look back some time and remember it. It's going to be a fun week."

Youthful Secondary

Much has been made of the Longhorn secondary. Texas starts two freshmen at the safety positions. Sam Bradford had a big day last weekend, throwing for five touchdowns and the Horns rank 109th in the country in pass defense (just four spots ahead of Missouri). So do the Tigers see something they can attack? Depends on who you ask.

"I definitely saw Oklahoma had some success throwing the ball, as well as Rice," Jeremy Maclin said. "Hopefully, we can go out there and try to do a little bit of the same. They're playing because they're good enough to play, but definitely there's some inexperience there, so hopefully we can exploit that a little bit."

"Looking at those guys, I don't know if it's going to be an advantage for us because they just fly around," Daniel said. "They just present so many different problems for us. They're so well-coached, they know what to do on every single snap, they don't play like freshmen at all."

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