August 8, 2008

Reggie Carter takes the lead

Junior linebacker Reggie Carter is back at Mike backer and he looks poised to having a great season. He should be aided by the presence of Brigham Harwell and Brian Price. Carter is the leader of a defense that has a chance to be very good. There is a good chance that this group will be even better on defense that the two others that Carter contributed on and the junior linebacker will be a huge reason why. Your first day back after spring and is it going playing middle linebacker?

Carter: "It's going pretty good. I'm making all the right calls. I made maybe one mistake in a run fit and that's because it is kind of hard without the linemen firing out at you, but I think we did fairly well. We didn't give up too many big plays, but we missed on a few opportunities. We didn't get any turnovers, but I think we did fairly well just getting the groove back together and work as a full defense." How do you like the split session practice?

Carter: "I think it is good because we get a lot of reps with the older guys so we don't have to correct a lot of mistakes to slow it down four the younger guys so I think it is good until they get a full grasp of the defense we should practice separate because we get more work done by ourselves trying to catch them up right now. We catch them (freshmen) up in meetings. They get to go at their own pace in practice and we (veterans) can go and get ready for Tennessee in our practice. So I think it is good."

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