November 27, 2007

Part 1: Big 12 championship's big questions

Each day leading up to the Big 12 Chamionship game, our resident experts will break down one of the key questions surrounding the matchup between the Tigers and the Sooners.

Today's Question: Is this a better team than it was when the two met in October?

Josh McCuistion of As far as Oklahoma, I don't see any way that someone can argue they are the team now that they were earlier in the season, and that's not even to take the home field advantage into the equation. The loss of Demarco Murray is an immeasurable one, and unless Allen Patrick's performance last weekend wasn't just a blip on the radar it truly hurts the Sooner ground game. The possible absence of Auston English is something that will make Chase Daniel's job that much easier. Simply English is one of the best pass rushers in the country and was a big part of Daniel's three interceptions in the original game.

Gabe DeArmond of I don't think there is any doubt Missouri is a better team First off, let's address the on-field issues. The Tigers are running the ball much better than they did early on. Tony Temple is averaging better than 100 yards per game, and the offensive line might be the most underrated in America. In addition, Daniel has thrown 15 touchdowns against just one interception in Missouri's four November games and the defense was the best in the league over eight Big 12 games. [dfb]William Moore[/d]b has helped make the loss of Pig Brown far less devastating than most thought it would be. More than that, though, is a simple confidence factor. Going into the game in Norman, Missouri was pretty sure it could play with the big boys. Now, the Tigers know it. In fact, they are the big boy, ranked No. 1 in the nation. Missouri has faced six consecutive games that it had to win just to get here. The Tigers believe they can beat anybody in the country. and will answer a different question each day this week

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