November 2, 2007

Odds and end from the week

* Nearly a week after the fact, Pitt freshmen Pat Bostick and LeSean McCoy were still answering questions about the Panthers' final offensive play against Louisville last Saturday. With Pitt trailing 24-17 and about a minute left in regulation, Bostick handed off to McCoy on the Louisville 1 yard line, but the ball came loose and the Cardinals fell on it, securing the fumble recovery and the victory.

"It took awhile [to get over that play]," McCoy said. "I've never really been in that situation where I let the game go for my team. People fumble, that's just part of football, but the biggest part was I just felt like I let the team down.

"The toughest part for me is bouncing back because I take it so hard. I just take this team thing so serious."

As to what exactly happened on that play…

"I tried to cut before I had the ball, and when I got it, it was kind of on my hip," McCoy said. "Pat did a great job getting me the ball. It was my fault: I tried to cut without having the ball. I had everything mapped out for it, but it didn't happen like that.

"That's the problem with having good vision: sometimes you see things too fast and try to make something happen out of it."

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