September 23, 2007

The rest of the story

It was about six and a half minutes into the Sunday media teleconference when the white elephant in the room was finally addressed.

After the big 49-45 win over Texas Tech yesterday in Stillwater, Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy walked into the post-game press conference, placed a copy of the Saturday edition of The Oklahoman's sports section on the podium and stated he wasn't going to talk about the game. Then proceeded to launch into a verbal barrage that lasted over three minutes, replying to a column that appeared in that paper concerning Bobby Reid.

It immediately burned its way across all forms of media, from the Internet to television to the newspapers and even to MSNBC this morning.

While Gundy did have plenty to say about the Tech victory, he was asked about his comments last night and if he would have done it differently had he had another chance at it.

"If I'd have had to do it again, I would have prepared for it," Gundy said. "I shot from the hip. I would have had a written-out statement and actually covered some things that I probably could have gone into a little more in-depth, but I shot it from the hip. It probably wasn't very well-prepared, because I didn't read the article until the game was over. But I wouldn't change a whole lot about it, no."

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