September 10, 2007

Kelly and Bradford battle for the top spot

This was going to be the week Sam Bradford fell flat on his face, this was to be the weekend that Oklahoma's young defensive line would truly be challenged. 51-13 later the naysayers are now scurrying to find a new test for the Sooners to not only pass but to create the bell curve in. So did Bradford repeat as the top dog on this week's Sooner Hot 11 or was he trumped by his favorite battery mate? What defensive standouts made this week's list? Find all this and more in this week's Hot 11!

11. Demarcus Granger, Defensive Tackle - Stats: Five tackles, one tackle for loss (one yard)
Analysis: This one was almost an ode to the entire group of defensive tackles. The group lacked a true standout but played tremendously well as a unit, and Granger may have been the most noteworthy of the bunch. Granger routinely collapsed the pocket and showed the lateral quickness and lower-body strength that made him one of the nation's most heavily recruited defensive tackles in the class of 2005. Again this is a selection that pays credit to a deep group of talented interior defenders as much as a singular effort.Last Week: Unranked

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