August 29, 2007

20 Fearless predictions: Nos. 10-6

In this week's Just Joshin' it has been decided to combine your traditional musings of mine along with my annual '20 fearless'. For our new members it's a scary look inside my mind mixed with a few opinions on just what might take place in the 2006 season. And what better time to offer such things than the Monday of Oklahoma's first game week of the season?

6. Expect Oklahoma to narrowly escape one, or both, of it's season ending games with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.
Analysis: I know I don't have to remind any of you of the last trip to Lubbock, nor do I have to talk about the massive lumps taken by Oklahoma State in Norman since the miracle of 2001. However, I think both teams have dynamic offenses and if they can gain some confidence early on against the Oklahoma defense that I expect to be pretty dominant by that point in the year they might be able to keep things competitive deep into the game. And honestly, after 2005 does anyone really think Texas Tech is EVER out of the game in Lubbock?

7. Safety will again be an unsettling position for Sooner fans.
Analysis: I've got to be fair, and let's be honest a lot of this has been very positive so far but seeing has become believing for me at the safety position. One high school All-American after another has arrived as of late and one after another was 'incapable of learning the defense' or 'struggling to grasp coverages' and at some point you're either not recruiting the right players or something is amiss with the system. With players like Brandon Everage, Roy Williams, and J.T. Thatcher in the recent past, I have trouble believing that the defensive system is the problem.

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