May 29, 2007

Summer a crucial time for QBs

Spring football evaluations have ended at OU and the Sooners now look to the offseason to begin their hunt for another Big 12 crown in 2007. The quarterback battle heads into the summer with no separation between the candidates. Editor recently talked with OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson to get an update on his quarterbacks heading into the offseason.

How important will the summer be for the development of his quarterbacks and the offense as a whole? Wilson talks about that and much more in the exclusive. Kevin you guys have wrapped up spring evaluations. Can you talk about that process and what it's going to be like to have a little time off?
Kevin Wilson:
You can't have personal contact with the players or the families, but sometimes you're catching a kid that has spring football or track or baseball and you're looking at grades to see if they're on track academically so it's a fun time of year recruiting-wise.

It's not as hectic as the other side when you're dealing with the parents. It's kind of like window shopping.

We've got a little window and we always do our camps early so we've got a bunch of kids coming in and we do our young kids early which is always fun. It's a chance for the older kids who might be prospects and we have fun with that.

There's even a nice FCA camp from June 11-14 that's a really good camp for the little kids. It's one of the times of the year we get to spend around the little kids a lot and it's fun to spend time with them and play some ball with those guys.

It's not as hectic and we're still working a little bit before we get that big summer break. Now are you going to let your boys play football or will they strictly be golfers?
I don't know if they're tough enough to play football. I don't know. As a dad and a coach I go to all their games and as athletes they're just active and I want to find things they like. As a parent I go to a game and I don't say anything.

At games I hear fans yelling at us and I've even told a couple of coaches I don't care where my kids play, you can rotate them, I don't care if they bat - I just want them to run and have some fun. I have little kids that are 1st and 3rd and 5th graders and I just want them to go play and have fun and be active. In time if there's a passion they'll figure it out.

Genetically though, I feel my kids are scarred.

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