February 7, 2007

Assistants discuss the class of 2007

Want to know the inside scoop on the football signing class of 2007? VandySports.com did, and we went to the source: Some of the very coaches who recruited the signees to Vanderbilt.

Assistant coaches Charlie Fisher, Jimmy Kiser and recruiting coordinator Kenny Carter talk below about the class of 2007, including some little-known facts about the players that have never before been made public!

Jimmy Kiser on Jermaine Doster: "Even though he's about 5-foot-9, he's about 210 [pounds]. He's a hard-nosed runner, he's going to be a good inside zone runner for us. Real quick feet, good speed, not great speed, but hard to tackle, kind of a low center of gravity.

"He's a good athlete out of the backfield, and can catch as well. Obviously, [he's] connected to us family-wise, so we're just excited to have him, and I think he's going to develop into a real good player."

Charlie Fisher on Larry Smith: "Larry Smith is a Chris Nickson-type guy-a big, athletic guy with a good arm. Great kid, really intelligent kid, I think he's got a lot of leadership to him.

"Upside is off the charts. He's probably going to be 225 pounds when he's done, after he's here with us a couple of years. He comes from a winning program. Everything is upside for Larry.

"It's hard to believe a lot of people weren't sure [about him] at quarterback. It's a no-brainer to me. He's a carbon-copy of Nickson in a lot of ways. [His running ability is] very similar. He's going to end up being a little bigger [than Nickson] when it's said and done."

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