December 15, 2006

Weekly Diary: Curran talks UGA visit

Future Bulldog Rennie Curran has kept you Dawg fans up to date all year with what is going on in his life through his weekly Diary. This week, he talks about his in-home visit with Mark Richt, his official visit to Georgia last weekend, his All-County Banquet, and more. Here is the latest entry of Curran's Diary.

Curran is a 5-foot-11, 216-pound linebacker out of Brookwood High School and he committed to Georgia back on April 9 at the G-Day game.

He dreamed of playing for Georgia years ago and that dream will come true in a short amount of time.

Right now, Curran is going through his senior year at Brookwood High School as he prepares to become a Georgia Bulldog. You can see what Curran goes through day by day as he gets closer to Athens in his weekly diary.

Wednesday December 6

I woke up earlier than usual determined to get to school early to get some studying in. It was about 515, and I could hear my mother down stairs cooking. She was preparing the food for us to eat at dinner later on when Coach Richt, Coach Bobo, and Coach Jancek arrived. The food smelled extra good and I couldn't wait until the evening so we could have a feast. I arrived at school and immediately got on the books. I had a ton of test to review for, and projects to start on. In math my teacher got pissed at everyone, because we didn't do our homework. For most of the class period she pretty much told her we were going to fail her class. It seemed as though since football season ended, she had been a lot more fiesty. In language arts we had a substitute, who was a very weird guy. We did nothing but busy work the whole entire class period. I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that the coaches would be over at my house, and I told almost everyone that I saw. In economics we did a bunch of busy work over the chapters we would be taking a test on. It was Wednesday, so in peer leading we got to do our one on one mentoring. My mentee's name is Kadeem. He's a real intelligent kid, but can just be a little hard headed sometimes. He's had some behavioral problems in the past, and seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We headed over to the library where I could talk with him alone. I basically lectured him about staying focused and not digging himself into a hole. He was a freshmen and I could definitely remember what it was like. I was busy trying to get friends and be the cool guy. Once my grades started dropping and found myself in the offices a lot I knew I had to change. It took some time, but thank god I learned from my mistakes. I told him some of my experiences from my freshmen year to let him know that I had been right where he was. After talking with him for a good while I headed over to lunch to get something to eat and chill with my friends before weight training. The lunch ladies hooked me up with some free food as usual, and I hung out with all my boys. In weight training we did a jump rope test to see how many times we could do it in 15 seconds. The record was like 67, and after a couple tries the closest I got was like 61. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. After getting our test done we got a quick upper body workout in before it was time to head back up to school for Spanish. In Spanish we did got our reviews for the speaking part of our exams and went over it before it was time to leave. As soon as school was over I hung out with Natalie for a little while, dropped her back off, and headed over to Body by George to get a quick 2 hour workout before heading home to have dinner with the Coaches. I got an intense full-body workout and left the gym feeling a lot bigger. I arrived home just in time to get washed up before Coach Richt and the crew arrived. My mom had most of the food ready, so I helped her set the table. Just when we finished setting up the table I got a call from Coach Bobo letting me know that they were not too far away. 10 minutes later Coach Richt, Coach Bobo, and Coach Jancek were all heading into my house. My parents and I greeted all of them before I took them on a tour of the house. After showing them the rooms, family pictures, and some of my trophies it was time to eat. I said grace and we started on the food, which was delicious. The coaches tried a little bit of my moms Liberian cooking, and as soon as they tasted it, it was over. Almost all of it was gone we they were done. They even tried some of my dads Habanero peppers, which are the hottest in the world. That was a big mistake. Coach Jancek was the first to try, and I could tell he was trying to play it off. He drank at least 3 glasses of water after trying just a tiny bit of the pepper. Next Coach Bobo tried some, and then Coach Richt. We warned them not to, but they did anyways, and it was pretty funny to watch. I felt kind of sorry for Coach Richt when he started turning red. After dinner my parents told Coach Richt and the Coaches about how they ended up in America, and everything that happened with the war in Liberia. We talked a lot about family and everything before talking about football. It was greater than I had ever imagined, we where all just having fun cracking jokes. Coach Richt let my parents know that he was very excited about having me, and let them know that they would take great care of me. I let Coach Richt know in front of my parents that I would do the best that I could, play wherever they want me to, try to be a leader, and not fool around. After a long discussion we all said our good-byes. I showed the coaches how to get on the highway from my house before heading back home. I was even more excited about being a Bulldawg, and couldn't wait for the weekend.

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