December 7, 2006

Weekly Diary: Rennie Curran keeps you on top of commitments, rumors, and all the breaking news. We will also help you get to know who you will be cheering for in the future through our weekly diary feature. This takes you into the life of a future Bulldogs. Today's diary is by >Rennie Curran.

Curran is a 5-foot-11, 212-pound linebacker out of Brookwood High School and he committed to Georgia back on April 9 at the G-Day game.

He dreamed of playing for Georgia years ago and that dream will come true in a short amount of time.

Right now, Curran is going through his senior year at Brookwood High School as he prepares to become a Georgia Bulldog. You can see what Curran goes through day by day as he gets closer to Athens in his weekly diary.

Tuesday November 28

I woke up and headed to school with surprisingly a lot more ease. I didn't have to rush to get to school to watch any films and for once if felt like a normal kid again. The pain from the season being over was still there of course, but I was a lot more relaxed. I arrived at school and headed straight to math class were we reviewed some new material. It was getting close to exam time, so in almost every class we were reviewing for the written part of our test. I have to finish up the semester strong so I can get a 3.0, not have to worry about my grades, and most importantly not have to hear my parents. In language arts we continued reading this story of Macbeth, which was pretty boring. I was pretty surprised I didn't fall asleep. In economics we continued our project where we had to look up insurance rates, taxes, and all that stuff. Doing that project makes me never want to leave my parents, and never ever have kids. I never realized how many bills you have to pay when on your own living in the real world. The stress level would be crazy for someone lacking a decent college degree. Add on a wife and kids I don't how anybody could make it in American. After economics I headed over to see the elementary school kids. On the way there I talked to Coach Jancek about doing an official visit, which I'm very excited about. It's always good to hear from the coaches. I arrived at the school, got checked in, and headed to see my third grade class. When I walked in they were all happy to see me as usual. They were all writing persuasive essays. It was funny because its like what is a 3rd grade going to persuade anybody about. The only thing on my mind in the third grade was like having good food, recess, and video games. I was pretty surprised that one girl was writing a persuasive essay about why George Bush is a good president. It was pretty funny. I left there and picked up some lunch before heading back to school. I ate up and then headed down to the field house for some weight training. Football season was over so I was definitely trying to start getting back in training mode, and get ready for Athens. I can never stop thinking about how much work I will have to do even before I get on campus with the team. After a good upper body workout, I headed back up to school for some Spanish. We started on a new section and did a ton a busy work before school was over. As soon as school was over I headed over to the lunchroom to meet up with Natalie. It felt like an early release day or a holiday or something. I had an orthodontist appointment so I headed over there right after meeting with Natalie. I got my braces tightened and my teeth were ridiculously sour. I got back with Natalie. We got something to eat and stopped by my house to rest for a little. It was nice to be able to get some rest and not get home at 630, but in the back of my mind I knew it was time to get back to work. I dropped Natalie off and headed over to a couple of places I usually workout to let them know I was ready to get back to work. After visiting a couple places I headed back home and got to studying for exams.

Wednesday November 29

I woke up a little later than usual, got washed up, and made it to school just in time to review and get ready for our performance exam in math. I felt pretty good when I saw that the topic of the essay was something I was real familiar with. In language arts we continued reading the story of Macbeth, in Economics we continued with our budget projects, and in peer leading we did our mentorship program. The mentorship program is designed for us to help out some kids who have some behavioral problems. I try my best but a couple of the kids I have are just stubborn. I mean how hard is it just to do the right thing or at least pretend to do the right thing. I don't think I will ever understand.

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