September 15, 2006

From the plains to the dome

Easy prediction: the winner of the LSU-Auburn game will represent the Western Division in the SEC Championship Game.

How big is this one? LSU could win this game, lose to Florida and Tennessee, and still have a spot clinched in Atlanta by the time they play Arkansas. Auburn could win this game, lose to Georgia and Florida, and still care less who wins the game between LSU and the Hogs.

Nothing mind-blowing there, just pretty much what most of the football population thinks.

Hard prediction: who wins this epic contest?

Because finding a strength for one team that matches a weakness for the other team is rather difficult.

Scoring offense is a push, with only one point per game separating the two teams once Jonathan Zenon's two scores are credited to LSU's defense. That shouldn't be a surprise, because the difference was less than three points per game for all of last season. Of course, the game between the two was decided by a field goal in overtime.

Scoring defense is almost the same, with eight points being the margin in LSU's favor. Auburn has a shutout, but LSU hasn't allowed a touchdown since before last Christmas. Last season, less than a point and a half per game came between the two.

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