August 10, 2006

A Q&A with ex-Wildcat quarterback Lynn Dickey

Lynn Dickey, a Kansas State Hall of Famer, might be in River Falls, Wis., this week observing the Kansas City Chiefs' training camp, but the Wildcats' No. 2 all-time leader in total offense and the quarterback responsible for the third-most passing yards in Big Eight history took a moment Wednesday to consider a couple of events that have transpired within the K-State program in recent days during a Q&A exclusive with

D. Scott Fritchen: Allan Evridge announced Wednesday he was leaving Kansas State, making him the third quarterback to leave the team since the spring. There had been some concern in some of the past seasons when K-State had five quarterbacks on its roster. Now it has two - Dylan Meier and true freshman Josh Freeman. Could you imagine the challenge if you had only two quarterbacks on your roster when you were at K-State?

Lynn Dickey: What happened to competition? All these other guys that left - 'I'm somewhere on the depth chart and not where I want to be; I'm not happy, I want to play, so I'm leaving.' I don't get it. You're coming there to compete for a job. I doubt that anyone has told any of these guys, 'You get there and no matter what you're going to be the starter.' I doubt if that ever went on, whether it was Bill Snyder or Ron Prince. I just kind of doubt that happened. At some point, you've got to show up and compete. And if you don't start where you want to be, then you work twice as hard as the next guy in front of you or two guys in front of you, or whatever it is, until you catch an eye and somebody says, 'We can't keep this guy off of the field. He's working twice as hard as anybody else. He's doing everything we've asked of him. He's completed all his passes in practice. How do we keep this guy off of the field?' It's another thing if you just don't have the talent and look at everyone around you and go, 'I'm not fooling myself here; I can't compete. This is more than I thought it would be and these guys are way above me in talent level and maybe it'd be best for me to move on.' That's another thing. When it comes down to, 'I just want to play…' and maybe that's the case with Allan Evridge -- he looks at the other two guys and says, 'They're better than I am, I can't compete, I want to play so I'm going to go somewhere else' -- then that's another story.

DSF: You look at the depth chart now and there are two quarterbacks on the team. Going back to my original question, how daunting is that to look at a roster and see just two quarterbacks on a team?

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