October 9, 2012

HD: Sooner offense meets with the media Tuesday

Just as they did in August James Patton and the Oklahoma offensive line will move forward this week after being dealt another blow to the depth chart.

Monday the Sooners lost guard Nila Kasitati as an MRI confirmed a ACL-tear in the redshirt freshmen's right knee.

SCOOPHD: Post Practice Monday

Untimely for a team already down a pair of starting linemen.

"Ty (Darlington) has played some center and guard when Woody (Austin Woods) had his chemotherapy treatments and he'd miss the day after so Ty has played some guard and (we can) bump some guys around Bronson (Irwin) can go to left guard and a guy like Daryl Williams can play inside too," said Patton.

"We've been reppin' him so we'll have a plan and those guys will work hard and do a good job."

This weekend when the Sooners take the field inside the Cotton Bowl establishing the run will become imperative as the winner of the battle on the ground has found victory the last 12 years sans 2004 when the Sooners and Longhorns finished with exactly 124 yards a piece.

A stat that junior guard Bronson Irwin is well aware of.

"Usually the team that controls the ball and the run game is the team that is going to do pretty well," said Irwin.

But it's also a stat the Mustang (Okla.) native knows will be just as important the rest of the way with match-ups versus top-10 opponents Notre Dame and West Virginia still ahead.

"But I wouldn't say more so than any other game we're always going to try and be able to run the ball effectively and that's going to set up things on down the field as well."

Something of which the Sooners accomplished last week.

A task that should prove to be much tougher this weekend as the Longhorn defensive end tandem of Jackson Jeffcoat and Alex Okafor line up opposite.

"Yeah great players. They're top draft picks all those guys on that defense are fast and athletic but Okafor and Jeffcoat those guys have made a bunch of plays in their time and we need to do a good job on the edge," said Patton.

"Our guys got to step up. There aren't too many guys that can block them just watching film so it'll be a big, big challenge."

Stills: 'I love playing there'

Following Saturday's victory in Lubbock reporters gathered around Kenny Stills.

Just mentioning the Red River Rivalry brought a a smile to the junior wide receivers face.

And for good reason as Stills has found the endzone three times in his first two rivalry games.

"It's just fun because there's no other stadium that is split in half so every play there is some type of crowd noise going on," said Stills.

"The defense makes a big play and their fans go crazy our offense makes a big play and our fans are going crazy so it's just a lot of fun and one of the best atmospheres we play in."

A season ago Stills found the endzone twice en route to the Sooners 38 point victory but it's his first touchdown as a true freshmen that he remembers the most.

"My favorite moment would have to be my first touchdown when I was freshmen. I just wasn't expecting it to come that quick. I didn't think the opportunity was going to come as fast as it did and it did," said Stills.

"I have a picture in my locker from freshmen year I was running with the ball and I'm on their sideline and the Texas coach has his hands on his head and their fans are giving me the finger behind him."

"That's one of my favorite pictures. It's fun I love playing against the crowd and with the crowd. I love playing in that stadium."

A stadium where anything can happen and legends are made.

A place he now finds himself explaining and prepping his teammates on as the elder statesmen of the group when it comes to Cotton Bowl experience.

"You know I feel like the seniors do a good job of kind of explaining and telling you what's going to go on," said Stills

"I've told Justin (Brown) and I've told all the freshmen what the stadium is like and what it's about. I know their excited to get down there and just see it for themselves and witness it and feel it and get to play on Saturday."

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