August 13, 2011

Commodores host open practice


"We just want as many opportunities as we can to reach out to the community and connect. Also, I think people are a little curious about who and what we're going to be, so we got a chance to show a little today. But to reach out and make a connection with the community, which is what we're trying to do."

"We're very, very thankful of our fans. Our fans are fiercely loyal. You talk to fans who've been coming here for years and they've been some tough times and have stuck with us, so I think they are due for some success, they're due for some fun."


"I thought we dragged around a little bit today, I'd like to see us fly around a little bit more but we're starting to understand, we're moving in that direction. I'd like to see us get in and out of the huddle and run around on defense even more and increase our tempo even more."


"I think we've improved dramatically since the spring, now whether that means we are yet, I'm not really sure, but I can tell you this that we've improved dramatically since the spring on both sides of the ball. We're starting to work on some depth and we've made some moves that I'm very happy with. We moved Jelesky to the offense and some other things and that's helped us as well."

QB battle

"I think the last couple of days that Larry's widen the gap a little bit but on the same hand, Jordan's had a few actual reps if you really look at his live reps, so I'm interested to see how he's going to play when it comes to the scrimmage tonight."


"We think he's very advanced for a freshman. Obviously, it's hard for freshmen to play but he's pretty far along, especially on offensive line. We've also got some issues at guard as we all know, so we wanted to move him in there and see if he could help and he's by far the most far along of the freshman linemen."

"I'd say the offensive line is the most improved unit on the team. Don't get me wrong, we still have got a ways to go, so that doesn't mean I'm happy or we're becoming complacent, because we're not. They've improved dramatically since the spring though. I think the quarterbacks are as well. I think the defensive line is really starting to do some good things, and the secondary. We're starting to increase some depth at the linebacker position but that's still an area of concern."

"I feel pretty good about the running back position. I think Seymour, as a freshman, is really opening some eyes. We already knew he was good but he's doing some special things I think. Receiver is still an area of concern. Jordan's doing some really good things and Krause has had a real good camp, but we need more consistency, more play-makers, more depth."


"I would say the biggest storyline is these guys adjusting to how we practice and the tempo. We've had a lot of guys cramp up and issues like that and talking to the seniors, they've just never practiced like this before. It's not that it's bad, it's not that it's wrong, it's not that it's right, it's just a major adjustment that they are having to go through, so that's probably the biggest adjustment. This is normal for me but it hasn't been for them. They are fighting through it and as long as we continue that, we'll be good.

"Obviously quarterback is important and obviously the leadership on defense which we have more of. Those are areas that jump out to me personally."


"We're going to be multiple, that's what we've talked about the whole time. We're going to be two-back, going to be one-back, going to be no-back, we may be three-backs with our situation. We might be 4x1 with our situation, we're going to be as multiple as we can. We're going to be no huddle, we're going to huddle, going to change up our tempo, we're going have as much variety in our offense as we possibly can. That's who we want to be.

"Now, obviously as this thing develops, we'll start leaning towards one a little bit more and start developing an identity more the closer we get to game week. To be as multiple as we can though, that's what I want our identity to be. Now, we may not have been able to recruit to our identity yet, we might be limited in how much we can do, especially at the receiver position, so we're going to have to be creative in how we do it other ways."


"I think we've done some pretty good things when it comes to execution and stuff, I want to see them fly around and not be afraid to make mistakes. That's been an issue here, guys have played cautious. So part of playing fast is not only recruiting fast guys, but getting them to play fast and know their schemes and not be afraid to make mistakes. That's what I really want to see today."

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