September 11, 2010

Notes: Gilreath released from hospital

MADISON - The scene was just as disturbing as it always is. Anytime an ambulance is called onto the field of play during a football game there will always be that moment where fear of the worst tries to overtake the calming effects of hoping for the best.

Luckily for David Gilreath, it seems all the hoping inside Camp Randall worked in his favor following a brutal hit on a punt return early in the third quarter of Saturday's 27-14 win over San Jose State.

"As we were walking off the field they gave us an injury update on David," UW head coach Bret Bielema said following the game. "He was basically concussed pretty heavily on the field and was maybe out for that first minute. The doctors were just being precautious and they began taking precautions and did what you guys saw.

"A minute and a half into it David started talking and started trying to get up. They kept pushing him down. He was coming out of it. That was encouraging.

"All the test they've run have been negative."

On the play, Gilreath failed to put up a fair catch signal and as soon as he caught the ball a San Jose State defender met him. After the initial hit, a second Spartans player popped Gilreath from his backside, which forced his neck into an awkward position.

Gilreath was motionless for a good amount of time before he came to as Bielema alluded to.

As of 4:45 central time, Gilreath had been released from the local hospital he was carried to following the incident.

Other injury updates:

-In addition to Gilreath, sophomore David Gilbert suffered a concussion early in the game that kept him sidelined for the remainder of the contest. At this point, it is unknown what Gilbert's status is entering the next week of practice and leading into the game against Arizona State.

-Devin Smith was kicked in the ankle towards the end of the game that forced him to the sideline.

-Josh Oglesby tweaked his knee late in the game but according to Bielema it didn't seem to be anything significant.

-Chris Borland, who passed tests earlier in the week in regards to his shoulder, was in pads but did not play Saturday afternoon.

"We knew he wasn't going to play today," Bielema said. "But we expect him to resume play this week."

-Nick Toon was sidelined with a turf toe problem. Bielema said he has make dramatic improvements, though, during the past 48 hours.

Taylor was on a pitch count:

For those of you that noticed Mike Taylor being taken out of the game after his first series in the second half, don't worry. He didn't have a flare up with his surgically repaired knee. The coaching staff simply had him on a pitch count of approximately 30 plays.

Following the game, Taylor said the knee was feeling pretty good.

"The knee feels just like it was feeling before the game," Taylor said. "I don't really feel anything on it. It feels pretty good."

Starting out in his first live game action since injuring the knee against Iowa last season, Taylor said he did play tentatively at first.

"I'd say I did play a little bit tentative the first few plays," Taylor said. "As the game went on I got a little more confident on the knee. I felt better and better and better. This game, like I said, was kind of like my rehab game. I was just seeing how it feels and testing it out.

"Hopefully over these next few days and few weeks it can get stronger and feel better."

The following are quotes form inside the locker room following the game:

-San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre on how Wisconsin and Alabama match up:

"I think you just got to put them on the field and let them play. They're a little different but I think you put them on the field and let them play, I think it'd be a heck of a football game."

-Jared Abbrederis on playing time:

"I knew I'd have some playing time because Toon was out. I just had to get my mind right so I could come out here and perform. I expected to get some passes. Last week I didn't get any but that was my first game and coach tried to ease me in. I knew I'd get some today and I just had to capitalize on my opportunities.

-Scott Tolzien on facing adversity:

"You knew at some point there was going to be adversity just because that's the way the game is and why to play the game. You want to overcome that adversity. It's not always going to be a cakewalk. I need to play better, but at the same time you don't go into the season thinking everything is going to be perfect all the time. It's a good learning experience and something I've got to take to heart and move on with."

-Taylor on being on the field at the same time as Borland:

"It's fun to think about, but I've got to focus on me and getting myself healthy. Chris is hurt too. Hopefully we can both get back. The main thing is just trying to get healthy so we can play those games."

-John Clay on James White's fumble:

"He's a freshman and he was trying to score. We've been taught to run through the goal line just because something like that might happen. He was just anxious. We talked to him about it and he understands that ball security is job security. He made a mistake and hopefully when he watches film he'll learn from it."

-White on what he learned from his miscue:

"Don't reach the ball out when I'm getting to the end zone. Coach Paul Chryst has been telling me since the scrimmage when I tried that and almost fumbled. I have to correct that and try not to do that for the rest of the season."

-John Moffitt on bouncing back:

"I think it's the same kind of thing as a loss. You have to take out of it what you can and improve on those mental errors. Obviously we need to be better in the red zone. Our red zone scoring wasn't very good at all today."

-Jay Valai on the San Jose State's big play at the end of the first half:

"I just came up and I thought the ball was in the air. I broke on it and the ball just kept floating. I looked up and it was over my head. I take full responsibility for it. Stuff happens and you've got to respond to it. I took that to heart. That will never happen again."

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