October 25, 2009

Catching up: Tim Jarmusz

MADISON - With the annual Wisconsin red-white scrimmage set to take place in a matter of hours, BadgerBlitz.com will spend the day leading up to the even featuring several individual players.

Second up, junior forward Tim Jarmusz. The following is a question and answer with the Oshkosh West product.

Back to practice now, that's got to feel good after a long off-season.

Jarmusz: Oh absolutely. It is. It's just fun. It's good to get the conditioning and be ready, but it's fun starting off the year and getting into practice.

Last year you started breaking into the rotation quite a bit. Is that something you're looking to enhance upon even more? Maybe crack the starting role?

Jarmusz: Oh, I mean, of course. That's always a goal of mine. Just keep doing more and more each year and you have another year of experience and you've got to teach the younger guys and set the example and that's what I'm looking to do.

Going back to the off-season stuff, is there anybody that surprised you with the way they approached the off-season and the way they turned out?

Jarmusz: To be honest, everybody really surprised me. There were multiple people that got personal bests in a number of different categories. I think the whole team is taking it to heart from last year that they need to improve and we need to be a better team. That's what we've done.

Does that come from coaching or is that something you guys want to do as a team? I know you guys always have great team chemistry around here.

Jarmusz: We definitely have a great team chemistry. Whether it's coaching or just personal pride in everyone. Everyone knew what happened last year and have to take it to heart to change something. You've got to become a better player if you want to compete at this level.

There are a couple of freshmen in here now, what have you been saying to them now that you've been in the program for a few years?

Jarmusz: Just take it one day at a time. There's a lot thrown at you and you're going to have to learn a lot of new things but it will come to you. Just take your time and have fun with it. This is the best four years of your life.

At your size you're a pretty versatile guy. You can play guard and you can play forward. Is there one you prefer playing?

Jarmusz: Nope, just like playing on the court.

Is there any that you're more comfortable in?

Jarmsuz: Nope, whatever I'm doing I'm up for the challenge. I'm excited to be out there and play and help contribute and help the team.

When you look at Trevon Hughes and Jason Bohannon, the seniors on the team, have they taken a leadership role where they are maybe more demanding than they have been in the past?

Jarmusz: Oh definitely. They know that they're seniors and that this is their last year. They're done after this year and they've been here the longest so they're setting the example and hustling in practice and helping people out if they had trouble with things. They're doing a great job so far.

When you look across the landscape of the Big Ten you've got Michigan State coming back from a final four run, Purdue as what they are, Minnesota, Michigan and all these guys. It's going to be a tough league. Where do you see you guys fitting in there?

Jarmusz: I think wherever they have a picked we'll be flying under the radar. We're going to try to make some noise in the Big Ten. I think we have a real good shot to do some damage. We're not going to take this lightly. We're going to go after it and try to win this thing and that's what our goals are.

Is that kind of fun when you are under the radar when people don't give you as much of a chance?

Jarmusz: You know, you love it. It's a great position to be in. We're going to try to make the most of it.

Last year you guys lose Marcus (Landry) and Joe (Krabbenhoft), pretty significant part to your frontcourt. When you get Keaton Nankivil, Jared Berggren and Jon Leuer coming in there, are you happy with the progress that they've had. Are you impressed with the way they approach things?

Jarmusz: Definitely. I think Marcus and Joe really set the example for all of us younger guys for what it takes to compete and how to keep going for every minute of the game and just to have fun with it and go after every win possible. They did a great job setting the example and I think all the younger guys took that to heart.

Do you stay in touch with those guys?

Jarmusz: Definitely, I stay in touch with Joe a lot and I talk to Marcus every so often, too. They're great guys and they're just good guys. You can't say enough about them.

What are they telling you guys now that the season is about to start?

Jarmusz: Just approach it and have fun with it. You're a year older and you have more responsibility. You've got to have more confidence and you've got to have a chip on your shoulder and be ready to play.

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