October 15, 2009

SpartanMag.com Recruiting Q&A

SpartanMag.com answers some of the most frequent questions we are being asked these days. Who is going to make an instant impact? Are there any sleepers out there that Michigan State is after? Who could be the next player to get an offer? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

  • Who are some of the defensive tackles prospect Michigan State is after now that Carl Davis is off the board?

    That is a good question. The Spartans need to add at least one quality DT to the class of 2010, if not two. Losing Davis is a loss. Whenever an in-state player that has an offer goes elsewhere in the Big Ten it is a loss. With that said, I do not put Davis in the same category as prospects like Blake Treadwell or Jerel Worthy when they were coming out.

    The other Midwest DT that the Spartans are after is Bruce Gaston. Gaston is a better prospect that Davis, ad hence his recruitment is even more competitive. Notre Dame is working hard to secure Gaston's commitment and they will likely be the main competition. The best thing MSU can do when it comes to Gaston is win 5 more games between now and when they will likely try and host him on a visit (early December).

    Many have wondered about Jonathon Hankins of Detroit Southeastern. Hankins is a very good prospect and he is in-state, but neither MSU nor UM has offered him at this point. I think some of that has to do with the type of scheme the teams run. Hankins is a "heavier" DT in the same mold as Antonio Jeremiah. Jeremiah has never been able to get down to the weight necessary to be quick enough to play the nose position the way the staff wants. For that reason he has been switched to OL. I have a feeling that is the concern with Hankins.

    Ricky Hemuli is one of the top rated defensive tackle prospects in the nation for 2010 and MSU has long been one of the teams his consistently lists. The key is to get him on campus. Even if the Spartans are able to do that, beating out USC, Oregon and other Pac 10 programs will be a difficult task.

    If Gaston goes to the Irish, the most likely scenario may be the Spartans targeting a Florida defensive tackle. The Sunshine state always has some quality interior players and Michigan State has a history of getting some quality DT's from there. The good news is that many of these players don't even think about setting up visits until after their senior season so new names on this front could easily arise. SpartanMag.com will be working to find out just who those players could be.

  • What is up with DyJuan Lewis, the latest updates don't have MSU as one of his top choices, are we not after him anymore?

    It is no coincidence that Lewis apparently dropped Michigan State from his favorite's list right after the Spartans picked up a commitment from Keith Mumphery. This is where the recruiting rankings need to be ignored.

    If Michigan State felt that Lewis was a superior wide receiver to Mumphery, they would have certainly pushed to have him on campus prior to Mumphery. The fact that the staff had Mumphery up for the Michigan game and went after his commitment should tell Spartan fans al they need to know about this situation.

    With Mumphery and Lippett, the Spartan have two wide receivers for the class. At this point I do not see three wide receivers as being a priority considering other positions have a greater need.

    If the Spartans do go after another wide receiver, it will likely be someone who can play multiple positions. Lewis is a wide receiver prospect and that is it. For example, a player like UM commitment Austin White could play wide receiver in college, but he also could play running back or safety as well, that is why he was a higher priority recruit than a player like Lewis.

    The information Sparrtsnmag.com has is that the Spartan are starting to take a serious look at Jeremy Langford of Westland John Glenn. Langford would be one of the players that could project at multiple spots, one of which could be wide receiver.

    In addition Torian Richardson of South Carolina is also still scheduled to be on campus the weekend of the Penn state game. Richardson is a fine wide receiver prospect, but is also one of those players that could also excel on special team or even play some cornerback. In a sense he is a lot like 2009 commitment Patrick White. Richardson also showed that he was serious about Michigan State by visiting this summer. Mark Dantonio likes players that show that type of level of commitment.

  • Is Erik Howard still on the Spartan radar?

    This is a question SpartanMag.com is working to find out as well. We have bee trying to track down Howard this week to get confirmation of the teams he is seriously considering

    Based on the fact that the Spartans tripped in Storm Johnson, we firmly believe that Howard is still very much on the Spartan recruiting radar. The only real difference between Howard and Johnson from a recruiting standpoint is that Howard is still working to take care of his academics, while Johnson already projects as a full qualifier. From a talent perspective they different is slight, if any.

    Spartanmag.com has speculated that Michigan State could experience some attrition at the running back spot over the coming months and Glenn Winston's injury probably does little to change that. Right now they projected starter is still Larry Caper, ahead of several older players. In a perfect world attrition wouldn't' occur, but in the world of college football it is often a necessary response. Tight end David Duran was a quality player, by the made the right move to transfer based on the depth situation.

    Spartanmag.com will be sure to keep working to track down Howard. People in Ohio are very high on his ability. Todd Porter of the Canton Republic had the following to say about Howard back on September 19th Howard has not been offered a scholarship by Ohio State, but the Buckeyes would make a mistake in not doing so. Four or five years down the road, if Howard isn't in Columbus, he'll be in the backfield for Illinois or Michigan State pulling off an upset."

    UPDATE: We just received confirmation from Howard that MSU is still very much in the picture.

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