October 12, 2009

Monday Morning QB: Auburn at Arkansas

Arkansas 44 Auburn 23

Welcome to the sixth edition of AuburnSports.com's latest feature, Monday Morning Quarterback, where each week several former Auburn players give their thoughts and opinions on the Tigers' latest game.

Grab your coffee, pull up a seat, sit back and read all about what they think and thought about Auburn. The former players give their input, insight and opinion of the Tigers' 44-23 loss to Arkansas, the current status of their former positions and more.

For objectivity purposes - we want the former players to be honest, good or bad, with their assessments - the ones that wish will remain anonymous.


Former Auburn offensive lineman:
On the offensive line against Arkansas…
"I thought they started off by putting themselves in a hole with those two penalties. With the lack of depth we have on defense, those penalties set us back tremendously. I think some of the positives is the line didn't give up. They kept trying. They put themselves in a hole and it was too deep to come out of it. The negatives are the small things, especially on the road. Those small things will hurt you.

"As an offensive line, it's one big unit. If one of those five guys isn't doing what they're supposed to do, if they're not doing the right things, it's never going to work. It always seemed like there was one guy coming free on pass protection. It seemed like one guy was getting pushed on pass protection and that ended up being the weak link.

"The positive to me is that they didn't give up. When they were down 34-3, they never quit. That's big and something they can take from it and make them better.

"With this spread offense and how fast a three-and-out is, it really puts the defense in a bind. In the very beginning of the game, the penalties kept us from really moving the ball and kept the defense, which is already thin, on the field and on their backs. We can't have that and unfortunately it happened more often than not Saturday."

On what the line needs to improve on the second half of the season...
"I think so far they've played good as a unit, but it's obvious they have to get better. It's like someone told me one time, 'If what you did yesterday is still big to you today, you haven't done anything today.' Those five wins don't matter now. The last thing they did was lose. They have to come back from it and start drinking whatever they were drinking before. And the offensive line needs to be the leaders, make their blocks and be flawless. If the offensive line does their job and is flawless, the offense is going to be able to move the ball."

On the line's push against the Razorbacks' defense…
"I think they got a better push, but it was one defensive player always coming free. It seemed like there was one guy messing up that hurt us in those drives in the beginning of the game. You might have had six out of seven guys in the blocking formation, the line, the tight end and H-back, doing their job but it was always one guy messing up, one guy that had a false start, the one guy who didn't get the call because he couldn't hear. There was always something happening at the beginning.....

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