October 15, 2009

Pop Culture: Inside the Beltway with Rico McCoy

Rico McCoy hasn't missed tackling much in the past three games for the University of Tennessee.

The Volunteers' senior linebacker has notched 33 tackles during that span, including a career-best 16 against Auburn.

Antsy to hop a flight home to his native Washington, D.C., the Vols' first letterman from the Nation's Capital in 50 years tackles VolQuest.com's questions.

Continuing our new weekly "Pop Culture" series on the Vols, we go inside Tennessee's version of the Pentagon - linebacker No. 5 Rico McCoy.

VQ: What are your secret skills? Sing? Cook? Magician?

RICO MCCOY: I don't really have any, man. I'm a pretty simple guy. A pretty plain guy.

VQ: What sports other than football did you play growing up?

RM: I played tennis. I played tennis for a couple of years. And I did Chinese kickboxing for a couple of years. That was my first thing.

I did Chinese kickboxing for six years. That was my first sport.

VQ: What was the first job you ever had?

RM: Boys and Girls Club. Actually, my first job I ever had was cutting grass in the neighborhood. That was my first job, the first way to get quick money.

VQ: How much did you charge per lawn?

RM: I charged like 10, 15 bucks per yard. It was cool. I was in the city, so the yards weren't that big.

VQ: Yeah, you were in the city there in D.C. So what was your favorite Smithsonian?

RM: Dude, you know what, the Smithsonian is so big. You know we took a lot of field trips there growing up. It's like I never saw the same thing twice. But the only thing I just really remember is the big dinosaur, the big dinosaur exhibit (National Museum of Natural History). That's what sticks out in my mind, especially as a kid just how big those dinosaur exhibits were. That's the thing I was most impressed by as a kid.

VQ: What was your first car?

RM: My first car was a '95 (Chevrolet) Caprice. A '95 caprice. I ran through it so quick. I didn't have any wheels on it or anything. It was pretty plain, black on black. Black paint and black tint on it. Pretty plain and simple, man. I don't really have many secrets.

VQ: How will you spend the open-date weekend?

RM: With the family, back home in D.C. I'm going to go see my parents and probably stay with my brother for a while. He stays and works in D.C. He's two years older than me. I'll probably hang out a little bit this weekend. I'm going to probably go to the University of Maryland game against Virginia. Go up there for their homecoming. My cousin plays for Maryland. Anthony Wiseman plans corner for them. I'm going to go up there and watch him play and hang out with them.

VQ: Always ask. What are you listening to right now in your car?

RM: Right now in the player, just today I was feeling real good this morning and I got the Maxwell CD. Do you know about that Maxwell CD (Yes, I'm listening to Lil Boosie right now). I got the Maxwell in there, but I'd say next to go in would be that Lil Boosie CD. It's good. Playing "My Avenue" or "Mind of a Maniac."

VQ: What about "Loos as a Goose?"

RM: Yeah, what is that, track 11? (12). Yeah, I like Lil Boosie. Lil Wayne. Pastor Troy.

VQ: What was the first rap CD you bought?

RM: I think it was Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony. Whichever one of their CDs had "Meet You at the Crossroads." That was the first.

VQ: Can you rap as fast as those guys?

RM: No, but I thought I could. I tried.

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